Premium consumer goods for niche audiences.

What We Do

We provide innovative resources for companies on the move.


We deliver messages that matter directly to target audiences in attractive, eye-catching formats for effective communication.


Our in-house creative team combines a diverse range of skill sets to bring concepts to life with expressive copy and polished graphics.


With a wealth of experience in market research and positioning, we know how to design and execute campaigns that convert.

Our Brands

Our robust, ever-expanding portfolio speaks to our agility and commitment to growth.



A brand for the conscientious health enthusiast, NatureWise is dedicated to creating quality products from natural ingredients that promote various aspects of well-being for total-body nourishment. From whole-food multivitamins to adaptogenic herb blends and innovative probiotics, our supplements stand out.

Smarter Nutrition

Combining clinical evidence with science-based ingredients, Smarter Nutrition supplements provide the optimal amount of active ingredients, co-formulated with bio-enhancers that deliver essential support and enhance absorption. We’ve garnered a discerning, informed clientele that maintains a dynamic, active lifestyle.

Smarter Nutrition
U.S. Doctors’ Clinical

U.S. Doctors’ Clinical

Time-tested, doctor-approved! U.S. Doctors’ Clinical is a respected brand featuring supplements designed to appeal to the distinguished consumer and support wellness through middle age and beyond. Our loyal customer base speaks to our commitment to creating reliable products that address common health concerns!

Our Mission

Designed Results Management Resources

DRM Resources exists to create synergistic teams that unify diverse skill sets to envision new concepts and execute on them. With calculated strategies and data-backed decisions, we build innovative brands that not only compete in aggressive markets, they raise the bar.